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How to bounce back after a shocking and unexpected 8d nls health analyzer.

8d nls health analyzer

What 8d nls health analyzer Applications?

What 8d nls health analyzer Applications?

Business Organizations-supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy.

Financial Organizations-Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops;

Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools;

Public Places-subway, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers; Real Estate Property: Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers;

Entertainments-Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops, golf course

8d nls health analyzer

What is 8d nls health analyzer of the organism?

What is 8d nls health analyzer of the organism?


The “Russian Institute of Practical Psychophysics” in Moscow applies the science of physics to improving the quality of life. It researches and creates new technology. This medical tool uses state of the art technology that took 20 years to develop and codify.

diacomAs part of an extensive governmental project at the Institute, a team of doctors, physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists developed a new innovative medical device. It scans and diagnoses all organs and tissues of the body at a cellular level. Once scanned and diagnosed, the same machine is used to bring any non-optimum condition back to normal and optimum function.

Because it operates on a cellular level, it can detect and treat a “potential disease” in its primary stage that would not be discovered otherwise.

It was initially used by the Russian military to treat servicemen because it was faster and more precise than previous medical procedures. It takes the “guess work” and “opinion” out of it.
The Russian government uses it to maintain good health for their astronauts, soldiers and government officials. Another use is on Russian submarines where medical procedures such as surgery at low depths or under pressure can have risks. After its successful use in the military, it was given to hospitals, doctors, and other health care professionals.

The device parts include the scanner, special headset and computer monitors. It diagnoses and treats all areas of the body including: heart and circulatory system, lungs, stomach and intestines, the reproductive system, the skeletal system inside and outside the bones, muscles, the endocrine system, sight and hearing, the nervous system, thyroid, adrenals, pituitary gland, pancreas, thymus, lymph system, blood cells, spinal cord, cells and organ tissues, etc. If it’s part of the body, it can be successfully diagnosed and treated.

The device can identify a weak or reduced-function organ before it creates a problem. No other medical practice can find potential problems and weaknesses as easily and as early in the disease progression cycle. It finds and destroys harmful microbes (short for microorganisms or “microscopic” organisms). Microbes are bacteria, virus, parasites or fungi that cause disease. Everyone has microbes to some degree in their body. These microbes are nasty and cause more trouble than one would think.

Most, if not all diseases, originate in the “gut” due to these microbes. A particular type of microbe is a parasite like a worm or fungus that robs the body of its needed nutrients. The microbes intercept glucose which was headed for the cells in the organs. Glucose is a simple sugar used as an energy source. So the affected cells are robbed of the energy they need for optimum function. Thus, these affected cells become weak.

These microbes excrete waste products called mycotoxins which are poisonous acidic substances, totally worthless to the cells, and very harmful to the body. So, not only are the cells weak from their food supply being intercepted by parasites, they are also living in toxic waste (the mycotoxins). This further weakens the cells. Since organs are made exclusively of cells, when the cells become weak, the organs themselves become weak. The immune system becomes overworked in an attempt to correct the non-optimum weakened organs.

The microbes are found when scanned by the diagnostic process, and then destroyed in the treatment process. By destroying the microbes, without affecting the good bacteria and cells, you’re addressing the causes of disease, not just the symptoms. It’s no secret that cancer, asthma, diabetes, eczema and psoriasis (skin disorders), and many other diseases have a common denominator – a steady decline of the immune system caused by microbes in the gut, intestinal tract, or in the blood. As a result, the body is predisposed to illness and chronic disease.

A big advantage of this treatment is that it can be used on children, even babies. For example, a baby with a bad rash was scanned. From the diagnostic scanning, it was discovered that the baby was allergic to cat hair. When the cat in the house was removed, the rash disappeared. The baby’s allergy to cat hair was discovered without any invasive practices or blood work. It’s absolutely safe and painless for anyone, from children to pregnant women.

To give you more reality on what occurs: You sit in front of the device. You’re able to watch (on a computer monitor) the areas of the your body being scanned or treated. This is graphically shown with detailed illustrations on a computer screen. Over 200 body organs and parts can be looked at, from skeleton to blood cells. Over 1000 patterns in the body are available for detailed analysis and viewing. Not only is this treatment incredibly effective and safe, it’s also fun!

This precise technology is now available in Clearwater from Dr. Veronika Zaitsevskiy. She is a Russian doctor trained and certified in Moscow in health restoration, treating causes not symptoms. Her primary purpose is to help others, and she really cares.

8d nls health analyzer

How 8d nls health analyzer work?

How 8d nls health analyzer work?

The device works on the principle of amplification of the iniciated signals with the disintegration of metastable structures. By influencing external electromagnetic fields the magnetic moments of the molecular currents in the centers of the cortex nerve cells are loosing their authentic orientation. This causes faulty adjustment of eddy structures of delocalized electrons which lead to formation of unstable metastable states. Disintegration of such state acts as iniciated signal. Expressed physically this device is system of the electronic oscillator which oscillates at appropriate wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Its energy corresponds to the energy that degrades dominant bonds that maintain structural organization of biological objects in a good condition.The device can cause a bioelectric aktivity of the brain cells so it is possible to selectively amplify signals in the background, which compared to static currents, are hard to detect. Information concerning specific temporal condition of organs and tissues are gathered on the basis of non-contact sensor that was developed using modern information technology and infrasonic circuits. This sensor reveals hardly detectable fluctuation of signals, which are filtered from sound fields and subsequently converted into a digital sequence where they are processed by a microprocessor and, using the interface cable, transferred to a computer.The development of a new generation of nonlinear computer scanners (metatrons), which make use of multidimensional virtual imaging of the object under investigation, has enabled to substantially enhance the effectiveness of the 8d nls health analyzer-method and even expand its field of application, despite the competitiveness from MRT. The distinctive feature of multidimensional 8d nls health analyzer imaging is an initially volumetric nature of scanning.

The data thus received are an integral array, which facilitates the reconstruction of multidimensional virtual images of anatomical structures of the object under investigation. In this connection the virtual 8d nls health analyzer is widely used, especially for angiographic investigations with a three-dimensional reconstruction of vascular formations. Another prospective field of application of the three-dimensional image reconstruction based on the data received by means of multidimensional 8d nls health analyzer is the study of hollow organs with Уvirtual 8d nls health analyzer-scopyФ involved. This kind of system was developed by Medintech Company for its high-speed multidimensional nonlinear scanners, Z series, and was called Hunter. Hugh resolution maintained during spiral scanning and the use of LAPP system (a system parallel processors with super high computational capability and speed of operation) enable to realize in the project the principle of Уvirtual 8d nls health analyzer-scopyФ at Voxel Z multimodal DICOM- compatible work station which is the principal system of imaging and subsequent data processing with Medintech scanners. 8d nls health analyzer images are made ready for visual analysis by means of 4-d Tissue original company-developed method that makes it possible not only to obtain virtual multidimensional icons of anatomical structures but also to single out a specific biological tissue of interest-an extra dimension-and in addition make an imaged bones, soft tissue and vessels at a time. The specific characteristic of the representation of virtual data by the Hunter system is simultaneous of surfaces of cavatus and extramural formations located outside the lumen of the cavity under examination (lymph nodes, vessels). The images that are received form a natural sequence of virtual 8d nls health analyzer pictures.

So some special navigation programs automatically define the path of motion of the Уvirtual scannerФ by the center of the cavity under examination. The path of motion can be chosen by the operator by means of some other adjustments, which enable to specify the 8d nls health analyzer picture in detail by changing of views. A raised representation of the cavity surface is also possible with some deliberate areas of shade involved. The produced sequences of 8d nls health analyzer pictures can be easily transformed into a standard VHS video format by means of the epi-Clien program and thus be used in common video systems, specifically in teleradiology. The Hunter system is in the first place designed to reveal patients having obstructive processes in the upper respiratory passages, bulky esophageal, gastric or colonic formations, atherosclerotic lesions o large vessels, and disorders affecting paranasal sinuses, bladder, or spinal canal. The data gathered through Уvirtual 8d nls health analyzer-scopyФ enable to pick out in good time the optimum spot for biopsy and find out the extent of the required surgical intervention.

This new model performs all energy diagnostic analysis automatically and completely on its own. All measured data and analysis are evaluated in tables, so you can see and watch the last 4 diagnosis at once. The device is able to compare immediately and to evaluate correctly the measured values of the previous analyzes. Everything can be printed out immediately. While printing, you can also choose adjustment and printing of required parameters. The device allows you to choose manual settings as in the previous systems or semi-automatic settings when energy harmonization. It is able to test suitable food supplements, herbs, foods, allergens, pathogens, etc. Another inovation brings an option to compare the diagnostic of the measured curves, spin energy of organs and energy map of organs. The device was also supplemented with further testing for pathogens, list of another 25 companies dealing with dietary supplements and testing for suitable foods for a particular client. Another new feature is the automatic quantum harmonization. The programming software is regularly improved. Once you connect to the Internet and the program runs on the computer, a new current database of other allergens, pathogens, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and other software upgrade is downloaded. If you have a problem with the software, we will quickly resolve it using a remote connection to your computer.

Each 8d nls health analyzer is calibrated with a computer processor to work as precisely as possible. It can be set to normal or higher sensitivity. A computer with installed software should be used only for diagnostic and notes. Installing additional software and downloading can recalibrate the device and partly influence the evaluation of recorded samples. Therefore we recommend to use the computer only for diagnostics and energy health analysis. We also provide remote maintenance of your computer, so you do not necessarily need to drive tens or hundreds of kilometers in order to fix any error or blockage of the program.

8d nls health analyzer

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